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Located in the center of Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone, Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd. is located in the overlapping area of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, Jiaodong Peninsula High-end Industry Cluster and the Yellow River Delta High-efficient Ecological Economic Zone. The underground brine resources are of high quality and rich High bromine concentration, shallow burial, easy to mine, in the comprehensive development and utilization has a unique resource advantage. The company occupies Weifang Port 15 km, Weifang Airport 30 km, close to Rongwu Expressway and the Delong Tobacco Railway, traffic is very convenient, the company's superior location conditions and policy advantages for the company's development has provided new opportunities and broad space....

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  • 2018-01-28

Foreign Ministry: China Rare Earth Management in line with the WTO rules

Yesterday, Jiang Yu, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said in Beijing: "The Chinese governments stewardship of all aspects of exploitation, production and export of rare earths is based on the need of protecting the environment and resourc...

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  • 2018-01-28

Beijing residents do not want to purchase a record high in two years

December 30, the Central Bank Department of Business Management released the fourth quarter of 2010 the results of the survey of urban residents in Beijing survey results. Survey results show that residents desire to buy a house significantly reduced w...

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  • 2018-01-28

Ministry of Finance issued central dividend

The Ministry of Finance yesterday issued a Circular on Improving the Central State-owned Capital Operational Budgets, in contrast with the plan in December 2007, the percentage of state-owned capital gains received by central SOEs increased by 5 percentag...

About Us

Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd. is located in the central area of Binhai Economic Development Zone of Weifang in the north of Shandong peninsula and the south bank of Laizhou Bay of Bohai Sea. With rich mineral resources such as underground brine, petroleum, natural gas and geotherm, the place is the largest production base of bromic salt. Founded in May 2002......

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  • Weifang City, Shandong Binhai Economic Development Zone Central Street
  • Tel:0536-7573001
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